What is LSI MegaRaid CacheCade Pro 2.0?

Today’s workload-intensive business applications are often constrained by the performance limitations of their existing hard disk drives (HDDs). With this type of storage infrastructure already in place, it can be cost prohibitive to switch to a new array based purely on solid state drives (SSDs). Although they are capable of many more transactions per second than HDDs, SSDs have a very high cost per gigabyte and are not suited for heavy, large file workloads. The key to accelerating the performance of existing HDD arrays without making substantial investments in new hardware is to deploy LSI MegaRAID CacheCade software which leverages SSDs in front of HDD volumes to create high-capacity, high-performance controller cache pools.

LSI MegaRAID CacheCade Pro 2.0 read/write software eliminates the need for manually configured hybrid arrays by intelligently and dynamically managing frequently-accessed data and copying it from HDD volumes to a higher performance layer of SSD cache (see figure 1). Copying the most accessed data (‘hot spot’) to flash cache relieves the primary HDD array from time-consuming transactions which allows for more efficient hard disk operation, reduced latency, and accelerated read and write speeds. This provides significant improvements to overall system performance -- two to twelve times that of HDD-only configurations – for a wide variety of server applications including web, file, online transaction processing (OLTP) database, data mining and other transaction-intensive applications.

Key Benefits:

Accelerates performance of existing HDD
arrays with small upfront investment

Read and Write caching of hot spot
data for significant reduction in I/O latency

Optimized for real-world workloads of
transaction-intensive applications

Uses less space and power compared
to adding short-stroked drive spindles
and unneeded capacity

More cost effective than using all SSD
storage volumes in storage arrays

Cached write data protected by
non-volatile CacheCade cache pools
(RAID 0, 1, 10) and data availability
protected by RAID data redundancy

Simple, intuitive management tools
to assign and manage CacheCade
SSD pool

Industry’s first read and write
controller-based caching on SSDs,
dramatically enhancing performance
over the previous generation

CacheCade software:

LSI® MegaRAID® CacheCade™ Pro 2.0
Read/Write Caching Software
Reduce Latency Bottlenecks for Server-based HDD Volumes

Product Brief:

Cost Effective Application Acceleration CacheCade Pro 2.0 software offers the perfect combination of HDD capacity and SSD speed. CacheCade Pro 2.0 software is designed to improve the performance of a server’s existing drive volume(s) by, dynamically utilizing SSDs as a dedicated pool of RAID controller cache to maximize random read and write performance. Manual storage management and in-house application tuning costs can be avoided with CacheCade Pro 2.0 software, lowering the total cost of storage ownership for datacenters and small-to-medium businesses. Application Acceleration Across Business Critical Workloads.

CacheCade Pro 2.0 software is the industry’s first software solution that offers both read and write controller-based caching on SSDs, dramatically enhancing the performance gains achieved by the previous generation CacheCade software. With the addition of write caching support, read/write-intensive workloads such as Exchange server, high performance computing (HPC) applications, Web 2.0 and other IO-intensive OLTP database system workloads, experience dramatic performance improvements.