The Leader in SSD 2017 - Samsung!!

SSD Shipments Top 42 Million in 2Q17, NAND Ourput Up 6% Q/Q to 41EB

Top four makers in units: Samsung (35%), WDC (18%), Intel (9%), Toshiba (8%)
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Here is an abstract of a report, NAND/SSD Information Service 2CQ17 Quarterly Update, written on August 17, 2017, by analysts from Trendfocus, Inc.

SSD Shipments Top 42 Million - NAND Grows 6% Q/Q
Healthy growth in most SSD segments, especially client modules

  • Total SSD shipments increased 5.8% from 1CQ17 to top 42 million units.
  • A large decline in client drive form factor (DFF) SSDs offset the 44.4% sequential rise in client modules to result in a total client SSD increase of 3.1%, to 35.935 million units.
  • Exabytes increased slightly by 2.7%, driven by the higher mix of enterprise SSDs, which offset lower client SSD exabytes - a continued function of the higher pricing environment and by an effort by companies to target the enterprise segment more aggressively.
  • Enterprise SATA SSDs saw a healthy unit increase, totaling 4.521 million units, helping overall enterprise SSD units reach 6.153 million units shipped, an increase of 25.2% over 1CQ17.
  • SAS and PCIe SSDs also increased in both unit shipments and exabytes shipped, with PCIe leading in units shipped, while SAS led in exabytes shipped.
  • NAND output grew 6.3% sequentially to 41.10EB in 2CQ17.
  • 3D NAND shipments rose to 43% of bits shipped for the quarter.
  • SSDs continue to account for the largest share of NAND shipments in 2CQ17.

2CQ17 Total SSD Supplier Market Share, by Supplier, Units (Million), Exabytes

2CQ17 Total SSD Market: 42.088 Million Units

2CQ17 Total SSD Market: 15.156EB