The Leader in SSD 2018 - Samsung!!

SSD Shipments Top 45 Million in 4Q17, NAND Output Up 7% Q/Q to 51EB

Top four makers in units: Samsung (35%), WDC (12%), Intel (12%), Toshiba (11%)
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Samsung largely top leader in both categories as usual

Here is an abstract of a report, NAND/SSD Information Service CQ1 '18 Quarterly Update, written on May 14, 2018, by analysts from Trendfocus, Inc.

• Total SSD shipments increased over 7% Q/Q to 45.556 million units while exabyte shipped rose 14% to 19.014.
• Client modules dominated other categories once more with 24.577 million units shipped, climbing nearly 12% Q/Q.
• Although enterprise SATA saw the smallest percentage growth of all enterprise SSD categories, it still outpaced other interfaces in unit volume with 4.154 million units shipped - an upward move of 9.9% Q/Q.
• Enterprise PCIe saw the largest percentage increase in unit shipments, growing 25.8% Q/Q for a total of 1.802 million units and 3.265EB shipped.
• SAS SSDs rebounded to 0.838 million units, showing strong growth of 18% Q/Q with 1.860EB shipped - a 20% increase in total capacity shipped from the previous quarter.
• NAND bits shipped grew 2.6% sequentially to 50.96EB in 1CQ18.
• 3D NAND output continued to gain momentum, and in 1CQ18, 3D NAND accounted for 68% of total bits shipped.
• NAND SSD share rose to 42.5% for the quarter while NAND in mobile slipped to 38.3%.

1CQ18 Total SSD Market: 45.556 Million Units

1CQ18 Total SSD Market: 19.014EB