Microsoft Windows Storage Server 2019

What's Windows Storage Server 2019?

Windows® Storage Server 2019 is a dedicated file and print server based on Windows Server 2019 that is designed for dependability, seamless integration, and best value in networked storage. Windows Storage Server 2019 integrates with existing infrastructures and supports heterogeneous file serving as well as backup and replication of stored data. Windows Storage Server is also an ideal solution for consolidating multiple file servers into a single solution that enables cost reduction and policy-based management of storage resources.

Using the power of Windows Server 2019, Windows Storage Server 2019 helps organizations store and protect valuable end user data. From branch office file serving to full data center integration, Windows Storage Server 2019 is the dependable and scalable choice in storage. The hardware is easy to install and manage, and offers a wide array of features that simplify file serving and the backup and replication of stored data.

Windows Storage Server 2019 includes advanced availability features such as point-in-time data copies, replication1, and server clustering. Because Windows Storage Server 2019 solutions are preconfigured, they can be deployed out of the box in minutes. Windows Storage Server 2019 integrates with existing infrastructures, so enterprises can make full use of commonly-used network environments and standard management software, as well as the Active Directory® service. Preconfigured Windows Storage Server 2019 solutions are available in sizes ranging from a few terabytes to several hundred terabytes.

Windows Storage Server 2019 Features:


Feature Benefit

High reliability


Windows Storage Server 2019 is a dedicated file and print server that has all functionality unrelated to file serving removed, increasing reliability and lowering the overhead on the device CPU. Built-in hardware redundancies are included in most solutions to provide a fully redundant architecture.



Windows Storage Server 2019 makes possible the creation of high availability solutions with native support for multiple node (up to eight) failover clustering. With support for MPIO from host to storage, high availability solutions at the data transport level can also be implemented. Combining these features with the Distributed File System (DFS) can help ensure availability at the file and physical device level.

Fast data recovery


Using the Shadow Copy of Shared Folders feature, you can restore deleted or corrupted files within minutes, instead of the hours it can take to restore from tape. Built on VSS, this feature can store up to 64 point-in-time copies per volume and allows end users to recover previous versions of files.



Windows Storage Server 2019 allows you to increase data availability and provide disaster recovery by creating multiple copies of data on remote servers over local area networks (LANs) or wide area networks (WANs) using an integrated technology solution.


Integrates Seamlessly
Feature Benefit

Integrates seamlessly into IT infrastructure


Windows Storage Server 2019 includes heterogeneous support for protocols such as SMB, NFS, AppleTalk, and Netware, allowing data to be shared among different platforms. In addition, native integration with the Active Directory® service avoids any need to make network changes when deploying Windows Storage Server 2019 storage devices.

Integrates with existing IT investments


Windows Storage Server 2019 is fully compatible with server management tools such as Microsoft Systems Management Server, Tivoli, and HP OpenView, as well as popular antivirus software, allowing you to get the most out of current investments. The hardware also integrates natively with Active Directory, enabling the use of Group Policy objects, Kerberos authentication, and Encrypting File System (EFS) to preserve data security.

Integrates with SANs


A Windows Storage Server 2019 device can integrate with a SAN by acting as a gateway to the SAN. Support for SANs in Windows Server 2019 includes remote boot, flexible volume mounting, and an enhanced driver model to support SAN deployment scenarios.

iSCSI support


Windows Storage Server 2019 supports the iSCSI protocol, making it easy to integrate with IP data transport environments.

Best Economics
Feature Benefit

Low acquisition and installation costs


Windows Storage Server 2019 makes possible some of the lowest cost per gigabyte solutions in the industry. These solutions can be deployed in minutes by using the Windows user interface to connect to the network, join an Active Directory domain or local workgroup, add users, create shares, or select file sharing protocols.

Low total cost of ownership (TCO)


Consolidating multiple file servers onto a single device reduces server management overhead and associated IT staff costs. Devices can be remotely managed using a simple user interface, simplifying maintenance and providing centralized control of processes like backups, restores, and upgrades.

Scalable solutions to grow with your business


Windows Storage Server 2019 enables IT administrators to easily manage growing amounts of data and to take advantage of high scalability to expand storage capacity as needed. With this scalability, a “pay as you grow” strategy can be implemented to ensure the efficient use of storage hardware resources.