Enterprise Network Storage Attached Solutions

Network Storage Devices Solutions for Any Size Network

Network storage device solutions are the key in the realm of data storage, where it is important to remember that every business has different storage needs. There is no single solution that will uniformly fit every storage need scenario. When choosing the right data storage solution, it is vital to keep the specific storage needs of the business firmly in mind and craft a solution that meets current needs while realistically planning for future expansion and space requirements. For small to midsized businesses, storage needs can often be met by implementing a properly sized network storage device instead of opting for a full-scale storage area networkinfrastructure. For networks of this size, the NAS device will provide reliable and centralized file storage without the expenses of a SAN.

Network Attached Storage

What is a Network Storage Device

NAS device is a dedicated network component which serves the purpose of storing files and making those files readily available for use and sharing. The device is specialized for only storing and sharing files. This results in higher file transfer speeds and greater reliability than found with a traditional network file server. Additionally, a network storage server will only share files and will not host applications, so they are more secure than multipurpose data servers.

Flexibility of a Network Storage Server Vs Storage Area Network Server

A network storage device has the flexibility and capability to be custom tailored to meet individual business storage needs without becoming a budget buster. These devices perform many of the same functions as larger and more expensive storage area network devices. A NAS will also incorporate iSCSI technology without incurring the same expenses that a full scale SAN solution would require. By using this technology, remote workers can securely access files located on the NAS device from any location.

Network Storage Server is a Good Alternative to a Full SAN

Depending on network size and data storage needs, a network storage server can often be an economical and smart alternative to deploying a full scale SAN. These devices can provide centralized storage for files and allow remote users access to files stored at an offsite location.