Enterprise High Availability Storage

Business and organizations of all sizes increasingly depend on computerized data systems for their operations. Ensuring that these systems and their stored data keep operating is a critical part of business planning. At Digiliant, we are here to provide the solutions companies require to not only ensure smooth operation, but also exceptional performance. From network attached storage and iSCSI SAN to high availability storage, we are standing by the right solutions for your company.

Digiliant is a Michigan-based company that specializes in the creation of NAS solutions. We use only Industry Standard Parts to ensure that all of our solutions are compatible and reliable to meet our clients' needs. With more than 25 years experience in the industry, we are a name companies all over the country trust when they need higher performance out of their storage systems.

High Availability Storage

The diagram below illustrates storage server's failover architectures with Double-Take data replication for data protection and recoverability. In this example, the Secondary Digiliant Windows Storage Server stores a duplicate copy of the data residing on the Primary Digiliant Windows Storage Server. Data is automatically and asynchronously replicated from the Primary to Secondary Storage Server using Double-Take. Double-Take's highly efficient replication engine allows the Secondary Storage to be located at primary facility or at a remote disaster recovery site.

In the event of the failure of the Primary Storage Server the duplicate copy of all data maintained on the Secondary Storage Server can be used to restore critical services. Double-Take only copies the bytes change for each write request; if a user makes a 250-byte change to a file, only 250 bytes of data is copied, not the 32-128KB actually used as the chunk size on the underlying Raid storage system. Double-Take is able to distinguish between file reads and file writes, so it only replicates write operations to the Secondary Storage Server. This high availability storage solution simply provides the power and protection companies need to stay on top of their data.

If you're interested in learning more about high availability storage, network attached storage or other solutions, just contact us directly. You can reach us by phone at 1-800-306-2199 or by emailing  info@digiliant.com.