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Digiliant Enterprise Storage Server Division


Business Hours:

Sales: Mon-Fri, 9AM-6PM EST
Technical Support: Mon-Fri, 9AM-6PM EST


Sales & Information:

Tel:  (800) 306-2199    Option # 1
Fax: (517) 381-7777


Corporate, Government, Educational Sales - Contact:

Tom Tarasiewicz (Tom T) - Enterprise Storage Architect
Hours: Mon-Fri, 9AM-6PM EST
Tel:  (800) 306-2199  x7006
Fax: (517) 381-7777


Digiliant Storage Server Division has sold their high end quality storage systems in 47 of the 50 States in the U.S.!

Great Storage Solutions!  Great Pricing!  Great Support!  Great Time to Purchase!  Call or email me for the details!

We here at Digiliant would love to hear from you. Feel free to contact us anytime with any questions about our systems, our company or anything you would like to know about Digiliant! We welcome all sectors of Business, Government and Educational locations across the U.S. Just a quick call or email to us and you’ll find what you have been searching for in a High Performance – High Quality – Highly Reliable Non-Proprietary Enterprise system and our Great Support on all Digiiant Systems is second to none in the industry!!

Thank You for taking your time to visit our website and we look forward in hearing from you and assisting you on designing that custom storage solution you require for that project!

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