Actual Customer Testimonials from Digiliant clients from all across the United States and why they LOVE their Digiliant Systems!!!

“You may NEVER know how good someone is unless you give them a chance!!”

Hi Tom,

My company has a near-petabyte data center, as we record and archive a tremendous amount of video each year. We have been working with Digiliant for over 5 years and found their servers to be an incredible value as compared to our existing Dell systems. On top of that, any time we have had any warranty issues we found that Digiliant customer service will quickly address and replace components as necessary in a highly efficient manner. We no longer purchase Dell products as we have replaced all of our long term storage with Digiliant servers. They are not only reliable, they are priced well below that of the Dell systems we used to order. We will continue to purchase from Digiliant, and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who is in need of large storage.

Todd Ahern, VP Operations, Peerless Technology Solutions



You’re rock! Thank you for providing excellent service for our Digiliant servers in the last several years. Your great service make a difference whenever I call or email requesting what I need, whether it’s for a quoting or a technical support related. For quoting, even some our servers are no longer in your support scope you’re still able to point us to a right source where I can find what we need.

Also in my 25 years working in Data Center, Digiliant is one of my favorite storage servers. It’s easy to manage, less problematic compares other expensive storage servers, and most of all it’s very affordable, but reliable hardware in the market.

Thanks again! Please keep up with the great support!

Jimmy Chanterny
Systems Engineer,  ZOTEC PARTNERS


Everything's fine and dandy!

All our Digiliant boxes are still exceeding expectations and are exceptional values.

I've never had one moment of buyers remorse or wonder if you guys were the best choice.

Don't have any pending projects. When we do your are the only ones we call! Thanks Tom!

Calvin Pearson,  DIR/MIS,  Westone Laboratories, Inc. 



Thanks for checking. I retired and closed Ensoco last fall.  I had a request from a prior client last month that needed some files which were on the backup machine.

I pulled the machine from storage and it fired right up and I was able to recover those files.  I would say that this was a testament to the quality and reliability of your systems.


Hi Tom, We are up and running again thanks to your calm cool advice.  I appreciate a vendor who takes such good care of the customer long long after the sale!  After dreading walking into a mess your Tech Guy handled me flawlessly and got us up and going in no time so I will be looking for another digiliant server comparable to this one in the next few months.

Thank you and best regards,  Perry Clark,  xTuple,  Network IT Manager


Hello Tom, I am glad to report that we have had a little over 4 years of 0 issues with the Digiliant R20008LS-NW we purchased. In fact, the only issue we’ve had wasn’t even related to Digiliant’s build quality; but more so a lack of planning on our part of needing 16gb of ram (instead of 4gb it was purchased with) to smoothly run CrashPlan Pro 24/7! We’ve had such a solid experience with this Digiliant server that I recommend Digiliant right off the bat when someone is shopping around for a prebuilt storage server.

Steven Adkins | Specialist IT Support l Cellairis


Tom, Your systems have been rock solid, I only need to replace a hard drive here and there.Yes I have some projects coming up this year and will be ordering more Digiliant NAS Servers.

Thanks for checking in.

Michael Nally,  MIS Network Manager,  The Mentholatum Company


Tom, it has been a while since we have chatted, and I guess that speaks volumes to the stability of the Storage Servers Digiliant manufactures as they have needed almost no attention from you (or me for that matter). We still have both servers running along just fantastically.  I can promise that when the next need arises you are the one I will call!

Sean E. Smith,  Director of Network Operations at Simpleview


Tom, we have had a very good experience with the Digiliant Storage Servers.   They have been very price competitive, and have great performance.

Gary L. Neidig,  President,  ITAMCO


Hi Tom Yes, the Digiliant Storage Server has been perfect.  We will let you know if we need anything else, for now we're good.  Thanks!

Kyle Bond,  Software Engineer | Ezic, Inc.


Thanks, Tom.  You guys have a real good niche, and I don’t know why all the big players are so bad at storage.  Honestly, when we were dealing with NetApp, we thought we could just buy our own Supermicros and disks and put together our own storage servers for ¼ the cost, but then here’s you guys that can do it for cheaper than we can do it ourselves!  And integrate it correctly so that it works!

William,  Storage Architect,  Mantech Intergrated Data Systems


Tom, I’m very happy with my Digiliant Storage Servers. I’m glad I called you to discuss my options with you first! The performance and price of our Digiliant systems has been excellent!  Thanks and keep up the good work!

Elliott Taylor,  Director of IT,  Ambucor Health Solutions,  A Division of Scottcare


Once again, you guys (Digiliant) put systems together the way I do. You’ve delivered another set of correctly config’d Storage Server Systems that we can just slip into place like butter! I can’t say this for any other vendor I deal with is this space – Storage Servers! Hands down you guys have the Best Performance and Pricing anywhere. I’ll be back when the next project arises!

Calvin Pearson,  DIR/MIS,  Westone Laboratories, Inc. 


Of all the things that a small business has to worry about, system up time, performance, reliability, and support and service for our data servers:

"Digiliant has created a stress free firewall between our development group and any concerns about server reliability, service, and support. We can focus on our mission knowing the people at Digiliant have our backs. Whether specifying a new system, refurbishing and older one, or servicing a "mature" one, it has been my experience that Digiliant treats all their customers as if they were the most important customer in the world. You can't ask for anything more than that." I’m happy I called them!

Don White, QC/IT,  O&W Heat Treat


Thanks Tom for the follow up.  Our Digiliant machines are still running fine after 3 years.  No needs at this time but will keep you in mind if a need arises in the future for sure.

Joe Yocom, IT Department   TEC Company