About Digiliant

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“You may NEVER know how good someone is unless you give them a chance!!”

Digiliant is a Michigan-based company that was founded on more than 26 years of experience of computer hardware support and custom server designs to provide 12GBs Enterprise Network Storage Solutions to meet the needs of today’s growing businesses. Our Enterprise Network Attached Storage (NAS) systems and Enterprise iSCSI SAN solutions provide a much more simple, yet powerful platform to meet the high demands of File Serving and Data Storage for small to mid-sized businesses, larger corporations, and educational and government facilities as well, including the military and their contractors.

All of our solutions are based on Top Tier Highest Quality Non-Proprietary Industry Standard Parts available, which makes installation, integration, and support much easier. Our commitment to quality shows in everything we do. Whether you’re interested in iSCSI systems or you have a need for a small office network attached storage system, you can count on us to deliver the best and couple it with outstanding support and service.

We offer a wide variety of chasses from towers to rack mount units from 1U all the way to 8U, which allows for capacities of up to 48 Terabytes / 1.28 Petabytes of data storage running Microsoft Windows Storage Server 2019 and Linux Solutions. These high quality and high performance solutions will not only simplify the way you secure, store, and serve data, but they are also scalable to meet future needs as well. We simply want to ensure our clients get the best 12GBs Enterprise NAS and iSCSI SAN systems to meet their needs today and down the road.

Digiliant stands behind all of its products and we greatly believe in the philosophy of taking care of every customer’s needs. Because of that belief we have enjoyed the repeat business of many different clients from all over the U.S. We never try to sell something a customer does not want and strive to create a custom solution to meet individual needs. Along with focusing on education to ensure that our customers can make the best decision for their individual needs, we also have a support staff that is more than happy to help with any issues, big or small after the sale. Digiliant takes great pride in ensuring high customer satisfaction on each and every sale.


*   Digiliant Storage Server Division has their HDD/SSD storage solution systems in 48 of the 50 States across the U.S.

*   Great Storage Solutions! Great Pricing! Great Warranty Support! Great Time to Purchase!  Call/email me for the details!

*   High Quality High Performance Non-Proprietary 12GBs Enterprise Storage Server Systems - Custom Manufacturered

*   Seagate High Capacity Enterprise SATA/SAS HDD's in every Non-SSD ( Micron ) storage server systems Digiliant sell's

*   Cost Effective System Pricing - Digiliant systems meet your Budget Requirements for lowest TCO available anywhere

*   The Staff who sells "Reliable 12GBs Enterprise Storage Solutions" not just Boxes (Proof of Concept Design Systems)

*   NAS/iSCSI SAN/SSD/JBOD Enterprise Systems with great "Features/Functions" to meet your EOL System Requirements

*   Fast response times by our Sales Staff to meet your Project Requests Quickly (No Obligation Quotes Available)

*   Excellent Service and Technical Support second to none - Call us anytime (Limited Lifetime Warranty Support)

*   Quality - Performance - Pricing - Sales & Warranty Support sets Digiliant apart from the rest of the Storage Industry

*   Leasing Options Available - No Money Down - payments are $49/month for 3 months - offer good till Apr 30, 2020

*   Flexible terms (12-60 months) - First $49 due in 30 days - positive cash flow effect for your company - call for details

Learn more about us and our products, just call 1-800-306-2199. You can also reach us by emailing  info@digiliant.com.