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   Red Hat, CentOS and Open-E
     1U Rackmount (Up to 16TB)
     2U Rackmount (Up to 48TB)
     3U Rackmount (Up to 64TB)
     4U Rackmount (Up to 144TB)
     8U Rackmount (Up to 324TB)
   Windows Storage Server 2012
     1U Rackmount (Up to 16TB)
     2U Rackmount (Up to 48TB)
     3U Rackmount (Up to 64TB)
     4U Rackmount (Up to 136TB)
     8U Rackmount (Up to 316TB)

 Solid State Storage
   Red Hat, Open-E, CentOS
   Windows Storage Server 2012 R2

 SAS/SATA JBOD Subsystem
   3U Rackmount (Up to 112TB)
   4U Rackmount (Up to 180TB)

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What is NAS?
What is RAID?
What is iSCSI?
What is SAS?
What is Storage Server 2012?
What is FreeNAS?
What is Open-E?

What is FreeNAS and why choose it?

About Digiliant

FreeNAS is a free, open source, Network-Attached Storage operating system based on FreeBSD.

What is Network-Attached Storage?

Network-Attached Storage (NAS) is a computer attached to a network that is dedicated solely to providing data storage for other devices on the network. This is often done either to save space, increase storage space cheaply, or provide convenient file-sharing.

What is FreeBSD?

FreeBSD is a free, open source Unix-like operating system. It is noted for being one of the most reliable unix-like systems. To learn more about FreeBSD, visit FreeBSD.org.

So what is FreeNAS?

FreeNAS uses a custom version of FreeBSD and a web-based interface to provide a fully-featured NAS environment. FreeNAS offers software-based storage and backup solutions for a variety of applications, from home to enterprise.

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