Choosing your Storage Capacity

The hard drives are the primary storage unit of the computer. Digiliant NAS servers allow you to have storage capacity up to 243TB depending on the model. Choose a hard drive option as large as possible will give you more storage space and also the flexibility in configuring RAID for more reliabilty and efficiency. Please contact our sales rep if you have any questions on choosing the storage space you need and on RAID configurations.

Digiliant's NAS appliances feature Serial ATA, SCSI and IDE ATA interfaces. The interface is the link between the hard drive and the computer used to transfer data. It is important because it regulates the speed of data throughput from the system to the hard drive. The new SATA (Serial Advanced Technology Attachment) is the evolutionary follow-on to IDE. SATA is capable of higher data throughput than the UATA-100 interface.