Enterprise NAS/iSCSI/SAN

About Network Attached Storage and iSCSI SAN Solutions

Enterprise Network attached storage and iSCSI solutions provide your company with an excellent way to manage demands without exceeding budget constraints. Solutions such as NAS and iSCSI offer you the reliability and capacity you need with a total cost of ownership that’s very manageable.

At Digiliant, we specialize in Enterprise NAS and iSCSI solutions. With decades of experience to our credit, we provide our clients the hardware-related solutions they are after, backed by a company with a trusted name in the industry. We serve clients throughout the United States, ranging from small, local businesses to large government agencies. Since we use only Industry Standard Parts in our products, clients and rest assured that Digiliant products will perform at or beyond expectations.

So, why would you want a NAS and iSCSI solution rather than a full server installation?

NAS and iSCSI simply does one thing: It provides vast amounts of storage accessible from your network at the lowest TCO (total cost of ownership). If you are looking to add massive storage to your network, but don't want to pay the price of a full server, then you need a network attached storage and iSCSI SAN solutions. Digiliant Enterprise NAS and iSCSI servers are an easy-to-manage network storage solution for protecting, managing and sharing your critical information across all Microsoft Windows, Macintosh, NetWare, and Linux environments.

With NAS solutions, all of the users in a LAN can access a common storage pool with access to shared applications, databases, documents and internal resources. With solutions based on Windows Storage Server 2012 R2 and the Linux-based options, Digiliant NAS products offer a variety of hard drive interface choices including Serial-ATA and SAS.

Why should you choose a Digiliant Enterprise NAS and iSCSI storage server?

There are a variety of reasons why Digiliant stands out from the competition. Our reputation in the industry is stellar, as evidenced by our list of repeat clients. Our products, however, speak for themselves and offer these benefits:

  • Up to 4TB-648TB of capacity

  • Deployment in less than 15 minutes

  • Enhanced network efficiency and performance

  • Hot-swappable drives and RAID 0, 1, 5, and 6 file protection

  • Client backup and virus protection

  • Ongoing maintenance as little as four hours per year!

To learn more about our Linux-based NAS and iSCSI systems or our devices based on Windows Storage Server 2012 R2, feel free to contact us directly. You can reach us at info@digiliant.com or at 1-800-306-2199 for more details.
Red Hat, CentOS and Open-E
Red Hat, CentOS and Open-E
Making sure your organization’s network storage solutions offer enough power to handle the job without breaking the budget is never an easy task. At Digiliant, we offer the solutions you need. Our
network attached storage and iSCSI SAN products powered by Red Hat and CentOS deliver the benefits you need at costs your company can afford.

Digiliant has more than 20 years experience in the industry, specializing in NAS solutions and other related hardware products, such as iSCSI. We only use Industry Standard Parts in our hardware to ensure you the smoothest installation, integration and operation possible. With corporate, educational and government clients located all over the United States, Digiliant is a name you can trust to provide the storage solutions your operation requires.

Our selection of network attached storage and iSCSI devices include those in a wide variety of price ranges. We offer entry level machines and rackmounts ranging from 1U to 8U. Storage capacities range from 4TB to an amazing 648TB.

To learn more about us and our products, just call 1-800-306-2199 or you can also reach us by emailing info@digiliant.com.
MS Windows Storage Servers
MS Windows Storage Servers
Expanding storage capacity of a company or organization’s Enterprise Windows-based systems has never been easier. At Digiliant, we provide our clients with access to a wide variety of network attached storage and
iSCSI SAN solutions based on the Windows Storage Server 2012 R2.

Digiliant is a Michigan-based business with more than 20 years industry experience. We have served clients all over the country with network attached storage and iSCSI SAN solutions and other related devices. Our commitment to exceptional service and high quality, affordable storage solutions has made us a leader in the industry. Through the years, our clients have included major medical facilities, universities, corporations and government agencies. The attention to detail and performance we provide has made us the number one choice for many repeat clients in need of more advanced network attached storage solutions.

If your organization requires a Windows-based NAS and iSCSI solution, we can deliver. We offer a wide variety of Enterprise solutions featuring Windows-based systems. Our entry level machine, for example, offers up to 6TB of storage for less than $1,500. Clients with much higher demands will also discover we provide tower systems and rackmounts, as well. Storage on these devices ranges from 4TB up to 632TB.

To learn more about us and our products, just call 1-800-306-2199 or you can also reach us by emailing info@digiliant.com.