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   Red Hat, CentOS and Open-E
     1U Rackmount (Up to 24TB)
     2U Rackmount (Up to 72TB)
     3U Rackmount (Up to 96TB)
     4U Rackmount (Up to 216TB)
     8U Rackmount (Up to 486TB)
   Windows Storage Server 2012
     1U Rackmount (Up to 24TB)
     2U Rackmount (Up to 72TB)
     3U Rackmount (Up to 96TB)
     4U Rackmount (Up to 204TB)
     8U Rackmount (Up to 474TB)

 Solid State Storage
   Red Hat, Open-E, CentOS
   Windows Storage Server 2012 R2

 SAS/SATA JBOD Subsystem
   3U Rackmount (Up to 168TB)
   4U Rackmount (Up to 270TB)

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